What is Honda Sensing?

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What is Honda Sensing?

What is Honda Sensing?

Honda Sensing™: Your Defense Team

Honda Sensing is an intelligent suite of driver assist safety features that help reduce the likelihood of a collision. Combining a wealth of camera and radar technology, Honda Sensing technology is designed to raise driver awareness and intervene as a last resort to avoid or minimize the effects of a collison. Whether it’s intervening to prevent a frontal collision, or providing gentle steering guidance to nudge you back in your lane, the Honda Sensing Suite acts as your guardian angel, no matter the journey.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the intuitive features that make up this renowned driver assist suite.

Keeping You Safe on the Road

The Honda Sensing Suite consist of the following features:

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow

When you set cruise control, the system constantly monitors for vehicles ahead, and will automatically adjust its speed if you approach a slower moving vehicle to maintain a preset distance. If the vehicle ahead of you comes to a stop, the system will also bring your Honda to a stop. To re-engage, simply depress the throttle.

Collision Mitigation Braking System™

This system uses camera technology to keep watch for pedestrians and stopped vehicles ahead. If it detects that you may collide with an object ahead of you, it can emit an audible and visual warning to alert you of the situation. If it detects that a collision is unavoidable, it will apply emergency brake force to minimize the effects of a collison.

Road Departure Mitigation

This system monitors your lane position to ensure that you stay within the markings. If you cross over the lines without using your signal light, the system can use steering or braking input to gently guide you back in your lane or prevent you from leaving the road entirely.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist works to keep you centered in your lane by identifying your lane markings and providing gentle steering assistance to ensure that you’re in the middle of your marked lanes.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic Sign Recognition uses camera technology to read road signs and relay the latest road information to you. Latest traffic sign information is generally posted on your instrument panel or on your Head Up Display.

All Honda Sensing Systems are Within Reach

Many of your driver assist features, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping System, can be controlled through conveniently placed buttons on the steering wheel.

If you ever experience any Honda Sensing problems, and you’re wondering how to reset Honda Sensing features, your owner’s manual will show you exactly how to reset the features that you’re experiencing trouble with. There, you’ll also find an in-depth view on your vehicle’s driver assist features.

Experience Honda Sensing In Person Here at Spitzer Honda DuBois

We’ve only scratched the surface of the Honda Sensing Suite, as so many more features like Blind Spot Assist, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert! This intuitive suite is either standard or available across all Honda models, and works on every journey to keep you out of harm’s way. Here at Spitzer Honda DuBois, we feature a wealth of Honda vehicles for you to choose from that include this dynamic driver assistant suite.

Whether you’re looking for something accommodating and efficient like the Accord, or something adventurous like the Honda Pilot, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the perfect model, we welcome you to take advantage of some of our current specials that help you command the road at an incredible price.

Located in DuBois, PA, we strive to be your go-to dealer for all things Honda! Make your way down to Spitzer Honda DuBois today and explore the benefits of Honda Sensing in person!

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